Gucci fur coat spring/summer 2018. Photograph: Pietro D'aprano/Getty Images

Game changer: Fur-Free Gucci

This is it. The moment that many people have been waiting for. Gucci, one of the top fashion labels in the entire fashion-sphere, has announced they are going ‘fur-free’ from Spring 2018.

Gucci fur coat spring/summer 2018. Photograph: Pietro D’aprano/Getty Images

As a historically controversial topic, the use of fur in fashion has always been some kind of ‘taboo’. As the global community’s thinking becomes increasingly contemporary, it seems as though less and less people are accepting of animal fur being used in textiles.

Gucci will be following suit of Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger and Stella McCartney, brands that are all fur-free. Banning fur has come into light because fashion is about being on trend, demonstrating the emotional stance of the world and foreseeing consumers’ desires and wishes. This consequently means that fur is becoming ‘out-dates’ as more and more people are not accepting of the concept and refuse to take part in it, therefore, the fashion labels must react accordingly.

Gucci are notorious for their show-stopping fur-coats and their classic fur-lined loafers. However, these items will soon become a distant memory of the past, as the brand will introduce faux-fur and other synthetic materials to emulate the texture and appearance of the real deal. Although this will make a rather large dent in the sales generated from their fur products, it is apparent that consumers will respect the brand for their decision and fully support it. It will also attract a new clientele; one that is more eco-conscious.

Come the Spring/Summer 2018 collections, we will no longer be seeing fur as a feature on Gucci’s catwalks, yet a more innovative and modern fabric that doesn’t involve animals or their fur.

Animals, this one’s for you.

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