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Wessex Bus Services will be ceasing their bus route from the University of Bath to Oldfield Park.

Wessex will continue to operate until Friday 22 September (the Friday before Freshers’ Arrivals Weekend) before completely withdrawing from the Bath market. The 20A/C (Bath Circular) services will continue to be operated by Wessex as they are under contract with the BaNES Council.

Over the past three years, Wessex has experienced hard competition from First Bus, seen with aggressive marketing strategies, larger capacity buses, and extra provisions made by First Bus which they have been unable to compete with.

Immediate concerns arise with the monopoly held by First Bus over students who regularly commute from Oldfield, as well as students who require the 20A/C route to commute to their houses but also have regular commutes into the city centre.

Ben Davies, the SU president stated, ‘this is an unfortunate development for the overall competitiveness of the market and the options offered for students. The SU will begin discussions, alongside the University, with First Bus to ensure that students are still provided with high quality transport at affordable prices.  We are committed to ensuring that students will be given the best possible deal in their commute to University.’

According to the University website ‘The University has initiated discussions with First Bus with regard to how to replace lost capacity on the routes to and from our Claverton Down campus previously operated by Wessex which provide an important service for students, staff and local residents.’

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