‘Let’s paint Bath Red!’

Bath University Labour Club (BULC for short) is the first of Bath’s new political groups on campus and it has big ambitions, as is going strong!

The new political group came into being as a result of attempts to reform political groups on campus which was otherwise hindered by the highly restrictive societies cap, and to reenergise and repoliticise the student body. Such efforts resulted in the passing of the ‘Political Campaigns Sub-Group Policy’ last November, which mandated the Students’ Union to amend its constitution to include a new ‘Politics and Activism’ sub-group, in addition to existing sub-groups: societies, sports and media, which provides the space and support for political groups and campaigns on campus. BULC were the first to be affiliated to the new sub-group, but we are hoping for others to join us – there is nothing like some competition!

BULC has already got off to a fantastic start attracting over 60 members, despite not having the exposure of freshers or refresh week! The group is pretty active, holding regular meetings and socials, as well as going out campaigning every weekend in support of Lesley Mansell for the upcoming Metro-Mayoral Election for the West of England, as well as Amber Weston, our candidate for the Walcott By-election on April 6th!! BULC is first and foremost a campaigning organisation – campaigning for a more progressive and socially just society on and off campus. For example, on Campus we will be bringing forward a range of policy proposals pushing for more affordable accommodation on campus, and well as greater democracy and transparency within our Students’ Union in the upcoming Spring Policy Round.

Labour has never been particularly strong in Bath, as a city, however I see no reason why that shouldn’t be the case – Bath faces many critical problems, including a housing shortage, local council budget cuts, and issues with transportation and congestion – all of which Labour offers clear solutions for. Similarly, on the issues of housing, job security and university fees and financial assistance for students, Labour has so much to offer Bath’s students. Furthermore, Bath’s population has a strong progressive and internationalist outlook – a perfect fit with Labour’s own values. Although, it may take a while to win over Bath’s population – I see no reason why Labour can’t make gains in the upcoming council elections in 2018 – and BULC can play a critical role in making that happen!

BULC includes a great bunch of students from a diverse range of backgrounds and from courses across the university – it’s great to see such a wide range of people getting involved in politics! Hopefully it’s a sign of how we can improve political participation here at Bath. If you are interested in joining drop us an email at bathunilabourclub@gmail.com, or message me or Tristram Gale, our Secretary directly.

We have a lot planned for the future! We are looking forward to having a talk done by Dr. David S. Moon about his research with Dr. Sophie Whiting on the fall of Scottish Labour, our first campaigning stall on parade on the 28th, as well as welcoming Lesley Mansell to campus ready for the Mayoral Hustings at the University on the 4th April!

If you are wanting to create a new political group or political campaign under the ‘Politics and Activism’ Sub-group, all you need to do is collect 10 names, put together a provisional committee and write a constitution and submit it to the Management Committee via Lucy Woodcock, our SU President!

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