Darkness Falls Review

The Saltmine Theatre Company made a trip to Bath on Thursday evening. The Company brought with them a performance of ‘Darkness Falls’ in The Forum in Bath city centre drawing a crowd of nearly 600. The performance itself was outstanding. The 5 actors involved really mesmerised the audience with incredible individual performances. Although a very serious production, the actors managed to bring some humour to keep members of the audience engaged and entertained throughout. One cannot forget the occasional bit of song that crept in and the fantastic ability of the actors to seize the audience with some gripping melodies.

The play aimed to teach the audience about the message of John’s Gospel – the last of the four Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life in the New Testament of The Bible. Set in the scene of a prison, with John being the most recent member convicted of ‘sedition’, he began to tell the other four members of his cell about his account of Jesus Christ.

It was an unconventional but successful way to present some of the most well-known stories of The Bible.

The performance was clever, using the actors as the characters in the account to truly engross them in the story. It was an unconventional but successful way to present some of the most well-known stories of The Bible.

John opened with perhaps the most important news – that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God (John 1: 1). John gave his testimony that he believed that this man he came to know – Jesus Christ – was and is the son of man, the Lamb of God, the Messiah. He then worked his way through a telling of the many things he witnessed Jesus doing while he was on this earth. He told the story of Jesus turning water into wine; of clearing the temple courts; of speaking to the Samaritan woman; of healing a paralysed man; of Jesus walking on water; of making a blind man see; and of raising his friend Lazarus from the dead. These stories were the centrepiece of the performance and were the reason as to why John became a follower and believer in Jesus Christ. Each of these stories related to the cellmates in the play in a clever, witty and powerful way. The audience was thoroughly engrossed throughout the performance with these different stories and what we came to learn about each of the characters.

The play came to an end with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This was without doubt the most dramatic, powerful, intense and important part of the play – a vivid whipping scene and profound crying/screaming gripped The Forum revealing the true emotion of the performance. A fantastic end to a brilliant play with an incredible message. Stella acting, singing, tech team capability and originality made the play what it was.

Yet, for many it may have left questions. Although The Forum was packed with Christians from both The University of Bath and Bath Spa, many non-Christian’s filled the auditorium and the play may have peaked queries and an interest in Jesus Christ and Christianity. If that is you then be on the look-out from 20th-24th February as Bath Christian Union will be holding an events week titled ‘convinced?’ where you can learn more and ask questions about the Christian faith and Jesus Christ. As a Christian and follower of Jesus Christ myself, coming to know Jesus is the most important thing you can do and will change your life in such an incredible and drastic way forever. The events week is a great way to challenge yourself and find out more. If you have any questions beforehand then don’t hesitate to contact me: btpk21@bath.ac.uk

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