Restaurant Review: Absurd Bird


The London-born Restaurant and Cocktail bar chain opened its doors in Southgate last month, bringing southern-style, classic and delicious chicken dishes to Bath.

Bath Tine had the chance to taste the Absurd Bird menu before the restaurant was even open, and we must say: it does not disappoint.

As far as I’m concerned, Absurd Bird fills an important gap in Bath’s culinary world – a proper southern style restaurant with traditional recipes. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Chicken and Waffles is a thing. The Absurd version – served with Maple syrup and smoked gravy – will blow your mine and fill your stomach for the next 3 days. On the menu, you’ll also find chicken burgers, wraps and wings with an array of different sauces that offer original and mouth-watering combination of flavours to go with the bird. We especially enjoyed the fried chicken sliders served with bacon jam and pimento cheese, and our hearts melted for the smoked garlic Parmesan and lemon wings.

The portions are very generous so we recommend booking a big table so that you can order the best that this menu has to offer without entering in a food coma after the first bite. Don’t miss out on Absurd Bird’s fantastic side dishes, including the spinach and artichoke dip with homemade tortilla-chips, the jalapeno mac and cheese, or for the more adventurous, the sweet potatoes mash with baked marshmallows on top. Whether its grilled, fried or smoked, the hearty chicken dishes do not disappoint in terms of flavour.

The secret behind their good food is simple: what truly makes a dish isn’t a complicated recipe, but the quality of the ingredients used. Absurd Bird only cooks with ‘real’ free-range chicken – meaning the bird has actually lived outdoors. As a result, it’s much bigger and tastier than cheaper alternatives. Each chicken is sourced locally from the Creedy Carner Farm and ‘lovingly reared with Devonshire free range farming techniques’. The team also believes in getting the most for of your buck – which is why they use the carcasses for their appetizing, sweet gravy.

Absurd Bird also caters to Bath’s vegetarian crowd, offering a watermelon and feta salad with mint and heirloom tomatoes, a quinoa and Mango salad with pomegranate and coriander, and a black bean burger with pickled red onion and jalapeno.

When it comes to drinks, the venue has been strategically designed with bar space for those not interested in a full three-course meal. The décor is welcoming and very stylish, with dark wood furniture, booths and fairy lights, making it a very enjoyable place for both drinks and dinner. Happy hour is from 5 to 7pm, where you can enjoy one of their cocktails for £5. Like any self-respecting southern American restaurant, the cocktails at Absurd Bird are made with their own distilled moonshine. Some of their flavour combinations include: pumpkin-spiced moonshine with lemon and apple juice and cinnamon, and vanilla moonshine served with cream and chocolate sauce.

As far as chicken goes, this is a fantastic place to enjoy a night out with good food, good drinks and good company.

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