How to: Get more bang for your buck with Bath University

Bath University is known far and wide for its excellent range of sports facilities, teams and societies. With over 85 different societies, and 48 different sports teams to choose from, the real question is; where are you going on tour?


Welcome to your guide on where to travel and who with in the 2016/17 year! We will include the details and stories of some of the biggest sports tours on campus as well as the lesser known but equally exciting weekend trips and ISB breaks that our societies have to offer! It’s always best to go prepared, so why not start your research right here?


Jumping right in with one of Bath’s best; the Ski Trip! Definitely for the more active students among us; this massive trip is held every year in Inter Semester Break by the Snowsports society and is one of the most popular ways to travel with University. This year, 650 students are heading to Pas de la Casa in Andorra, for a week of snow, sun and skiing! It’s important to remember that your EHIC card won’t be valid in Andorra, so make sure you are covered by insurance before you try your first back flip! Trip Secretary Will Hall, says his favourite part of the trip is the Mountain Meal where students enjoy a traditional meat fondue. “The meal ends with all the students skiing back down into resort together under just torchlight which is an incredible experience.” The après-ski is out of this world (though do make sure you stick to après ski), and the student package prices mean you won’t find a better way to celebrate the end of exams!

Next up, RAG! The RAG society provides opportunities throughout the year to travel in smaller groups and raise money for great causes at the same time! RAG offer some of the most diverse and exotic trips with university, and don’t depend at all on your hand-eye co-ordination! Opportunities this year include the Prague Marathon, the Hitchhike to Edinburgh, the Machu Picchu Trek and the Kilimanjaro Trek.  With such a variety of opportunities, make sure you prepare properly for challenging treks and events – the buzz you get at the finish line will be unbelievable – just make sure you get there! RAG Chair, Joanna Phillips says her favourite trip is the Hitch because of the fancy dress outfits people wear, the unique journeys that each team experience, and the kindness of strangers!


Another sporty alternative for when you’re in exam denial – Waterpolo! The waterpolo society are off to Lloret del Mar near Barcelona, Spain this year. In the first week of the Easter holidays, this trip is a chance to escape to the sun one last time before exams kick in! Barcelona is a gorgeous city, but make sure you watch out for pick pockets on this touristy stretch of coast (more information on travel insurance to cover your valuables can be found on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.) Open to members and non-members alike, the waterpolo society often welcome back graduates and ex-players, as they pride themselves on being the friendliest team on campus. Chair, Maddie Hollis, has been on tour every year, even making the effort during her year abroad, and says her favourite part is the day time drinking, post-match sunbathing and games on the beach.


If you’re looking for something a little more cultural, join the Politics society on their ISB trip to Berlin! Usually a smaller trip than Waterpolo or Snowsports, but all the better to meet new people and make new friends! This one is members only, but anyone can buy a membership on BathStudent and join in on an excellent trip.


Finally, if the cold is not your thing, why not unwind in ISB with Surf society? They’ll be off to Morocco in ISB for a full week of surfing, yoga, and parties in the big cities! Be careful where you party however and make sure to respect the culture. The Surf society are happy to take as many members as possible, so get your membership and sign up quick! Morgan Roberts, the Chair for Surf society says his best bit is spending time with the rest of the club, and soaking up the different culture in Morocco.


Whether you are travelling with a pre-arranged student deal, or off with some friends for a Christmas get-away, it’s important to do your homework, and get travel aware! Remember that in an emergency you can seek consular assistance, however its much less embarrassing to be prepared! Check out the Foreign Office website: gov.uk/travelaware to get all the information you need for Spain, Peru or Morocco. While our wonderful societies will do everything they can to look after you, it’s up to you to make sure you’re not the fool falling asleep by the pool without your sunscreen, or the idiot at the airport without a valid passport!



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