photo credits: University Bath School of Management

Promoting Sustainability in Business

photo credits: University Bath School of Management
photo credits: University of Bath School of Management

Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, is one of the five sustainability experts joining together on the 6th December for a special 50th anniversary event discussing strategies, success and all things sustainability. During this exciting event, Polman will be joined by David Bent from Forum for the Future, along with Patrick Drake Co-Founder and Head Chef at Hello Fresh, Andrew Crane Professor of Business and Society at the University of Bath and finally James Barlow, Pepsico’s Responsible & Sustainable Sourcing Director.

Sustainability is no longer a topic left for a small minority, with large corporates standing up to shareholders and making strides in their industries. This shift from ‘optional extra’ to a key driver of profitability has dramatically transformed the industry, and with such a diverse and motivated student body, our university is the perfect stage to promote sustainability in business. Hello Fresh, the world’s leading recipe box is the perfect business to demonstrate this as the company’s core aim is to produce as little waste as possible by only providing people with what they need.

Barlow is particularly interested in what caused this shift into action and will share his thoughts on how best to motivate people during the event. This is especially important when consumers are purchasing seemingly trivial items but, given the popularity of sustainability as a modern trend, look to trust companies to take care of it for them. Andrew Crane will almost certainly have something to add here as an expert on Corporate Social Responsibility and the role that corporates now play in our society. With 2,500 students graduating in the 2015 summer ceremonies alone, the future Bath University Alumni will be a huge part of this next generation in charge of huge corporation, and will have the opportunity to place sustainability at the top of their priority list. So we hope the students of Bath are listening.

As the University reminisces on all its past achievements in 50 years, we are also looking towards the future and deciding what we want our legacy to be. Whether the event leads you to choose more sustainable products, influences your decisions as a manager or whether it encourages you to think bigger, it is one for the books.

To sign up to the event see the event page to register.,4K6RD,KB3VUG,GWWEL,1

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