up and coming: University of Bath Entrepreneurs

What happens when a group of seven proactive, creative and entrepreneurial students join together? The collection of experiences, ides and innovations motivate them to achieve high targets. This particular group, known as Bath Entrepreneurs, set themselves the goal of “becoming the best society on the University of Bath campus”, as the Chair Povilas Rutkauskas confidently proposes. To them, this entails fostering a sense of community, engaging with their members at different depths and being widely known throughout the institution.14706742_193720594400951_1250759135098881347_o

It seems that the group is achieving just this. They have started the academic year strong with a very successful event in the magically illuminated patio of a Bath Brew House. The star of the event was Jacob Laukaitis, a 22-year-old “digital nomad” who runs his company from anywhere, any time. “As long as I have a Wi-Fi connection, I can work from anywhere in the world”, he remarks. The young man decided not to attend university, and talks about his teenage years when he focused on coming up with the next revolutionary ‘Facebook’ or ‘Google’ idea. He recommends to “make data-driven decisions when embarking on a new business venture”, which has enabled him to create one of the most successful online coupon companies in the United States.

Students were able to talk to him directly after the talk as the event progressed into a networking evening. The next big project of the committee is the BE2 Conference on the 20th of November. Inspired by SPARKS @LSE the event has gained massive traction. It is now the largest entrepreneurship conference in the University of Bath’s history, with 300 attendees and 5 speakers.

Photo Credit: Anna Pia Liseno

The team had not expected the “big shots” that would accept their invitation. The day starts with Huib van Bockel, ex-Head of Marketing for Red Bull, who is now launching a rival drinks company Tenzing, followed by a talk by one of the Europe’s leading VC’s Magnus Gaarder. After free lunch, the participants will have a choice between two workshops – on sales and writing a business plan. This will be followed by George Marangos-Gilks, who founded The Tab during his last year at Cambridge University.

Lastly, the conference will come to an awesome ending with a talk by Ajaz Ahmed – Bath-drop out and founder of the most awarded advertising agency AKQA. Conference attendees will be treated to a drinks reception, a sponsored lunch by a variety of restaurants in Bath, two of Ajaz Ahmed’s books and a goodybag of snacks, freebies and discount coupons. And yet the tickets are only £10.

Finally, as a great semester comes to an end, the team is working on bringing to campus a professional coding workshop on the weekend of the 10-11th of December. The workshop would be led by CodeAtUni, a young company founded by former Imperial College students whom they have partnered with. The committee prides itself with the work that has been developed over the last few months, and over the tangible outcomes that they have achieved for the society. The society has increased in notoriety both within the university and throughout the UK, has tripled its members and engagements on social media, and is building a real sense of support, opportunity and value for its members.

We encourage nearby students interested in entrepreneurship to find out about their initiatives and how to get involved. We also encourage other parties to get in touch with them for collaborations and initiatives.

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