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Top 10 Tips for Living on Campus

Going to a new university can be scary, so to ease the pressure off a little bit bathimpact have come up with a few handy tips for living on campus.

  1. Get friendly with your flatmates

Your flat is a ready-made friendship group, you just need to put some effort in. If you’re friends with your flat, you’ve got your predrinks and clubbing squad sorted (or non-alcoholic choices, we have to say that before the SU fun police turn up). You’ll have games nights and film nights, and plenty of in jokes. You can share the food, washing up, the inevitable fine from the University, and equipment. It’s just generally a lot easier if you get along. If you don’t make friends, then you’ve got a year of awkward encounters ahead of you.

Photocredit: Barry Pousman
Photocredit: Barry Pousman
  1. Don’t get too friendly with your flatmates

You will be told this countless times during your first year, but sleeping with your flatmate is never a good idea. Best case scenario you’ll have a funny story about that one time you and your friend slept together. Worst case scenario you may start a mini civil war in your own flat. Think Helen of Troy but less historical significance and with more alcohol.

Photo caption: Tina Franklin
Photo caption: Tina Franklin
  1. Enjoy the 9am rush

Relish the opportunity to wake up at 9am for those 9.15 lectures – 10 minutes across campus might seem a lot now, but when you’re waking up at 7 to stand in a bus queue for an hour every morning next year you will miss it. Unless you are rich then just buy a house next to campus, and if you can do that hit me up, you are going to be my new best friend.

This is the normal queue for students living in oldfield... Photocredit: Jordan Kenny
This is the normal queue for students living in oldfield… Photocredit: Jordan Kenny
  1. Don’t bother with a bus pass

Unless you’re planning to go to town every day, save yourself £250. A 20 journey ticket for both busses is the best route as you can get whichever bus comes first (get it? Route? As in bus route? My humour is wasted on you freshers). Also £250 is a lot of money, that’s like 142.8 pints at Molloys Mondays or, for the socially disinclined, 641 tins of cat food.


  1. The flat who shops together saves together

Online shopping is the way to go here, with Sainsburys, Asda, Tesco, and Waitrose all delivering to campus. Save yourself money by doing your weekly shop online with your flat, and earn some of those precious points along the way. Also free crates, but we didn’t tell you that.


  1. Time your laundry

Do your washing once a week (just do it, even if you don’t think you need to, ya nasty). In your first few weeks work out when the laundry room is quietest, and use that to your advantage, if the laundrette is working, which it never is.

Photo credit: IgorSevlieve
Photo credit: IgorSevlieve
  1. Make some effort

Join societies, get to know your flat next door, spend hours rewriting your lecture notes it’ll be worth it (or better yet join bathimpact, we are the bestest and you can write good like us). Take advantage of your induction week too – you’ll regret not touring the library when you’ve got 4 hours until your essay is due and you can’t find that book you wanted.


  1. Don’t make too much effort though

Don’t bother waking up hours early to do your makeup and find the perfect outfit – by Christmas you’ll be strolling into lectures in your onesie.

Photo credit: David Shankbone
Photo credit: David Shankbone
  1. Take a stroll around campus

Explore campus as much as you can – you’ll discover some beautiful places, and some perfect spots for the revision cram, useful info when you no longer live on campus and the library is full. Eat in each place at least once and work out how to get from one end of the parade to the other without walking outside once.


  1. You have a room…so use it…please.

One thing you’ll learn very quickly is we have a little issue with space here. The library gets full (especially during exam season), there’s never anywhere to eat lunch and good luck trying to find a seat and a plug socket in the SU. While you’re on campus, you have your own room to solve all these issues…so enjoy it while you can (and save yourself from the inevitable wrath from stressed final year students).

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