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SU announces that Vice Chancellor will headline Freshers’ Week with “sick” DJ set

The SU has announced that the Vice Chancellor Dame Glynis Breakwell, or by her street name G-Unit, will headline Freshers Week with a DJ set.

The VC showing the love for all those tuition fees

This set will include all the cliché millennial tunes like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Calven Harris ft Rihanna, and Tchaikovsky; because the VC is “down with the peeps”

G-Unit said that it was her lifelong dream to “drop sick beats innit bruv”

Morgan McMichaels, an incoming Fresher was asked about his feelings towards the Vice Chancellor replied with “Who?”

The set is going to cost £400k for a full half an hour, the current going rate for the Vice Chancellor to do anything, with a set increase of 10% for an encore.

The rider hasn’t been disclosed, but a source has stated that it involves a coat made up of 101 Dalmatians and the full red carpet treatment.

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