Gig review: IsaacO at The Louisiana

Part medic, part musician, IsaacO would be most artist’s dream opening act. Matching the genre of what was to come (Benjamin Francis Leftwich) and attempting to wake up the crowd by instigating sing-alongs to choruses are the signs of a good support. For someone who does not usually like exposing their questionable vocal chords in a barely noisy room of people, the audience participation did not initially fill me with too much love. Then Isaac informed the room that his own mother had predicted his failure to get the crowd singing and I suddenly felt like I had to join in with the rest of the willing crowd out of loyalty for a man I did not know, but immediately liked.

“My mum doesn’t actually like my music” said the singer after his set, smiling despite the lack of maternal praise. Clearly Isaac has enough faith in his music or enough supportive friends around him to continue anyway, having a number of original songs ready to go (although you’ll only find one on his soundcloud right now) and a well-received collaboration with electro-pop duo, Satin Jackets, up on Youtube; the dreamy track ‘Keep Moving’ currently has over 100,000 hits.

Having only started learning how to play the guitar two and a half years ago and performing in front of people for less than half of that, IsaacO sets himself up as one of those artists you want to dislike out of jealousy (surely no one learns how to finger pick like that so quickly?), but can only end up admiring for his obvious natural talent. Almost frustratingly humble, he does not see himself as a proficient musician yet, stating how much he wishes he could play like Leftwich (he almost can). To make things worse, he is clearly a skilled songwriter and his voice has the sort of range George Ezra probably dreams about at night.

bite hopes IsaacO stops fannying around with menial things like a medical degree for a moment and gets himself into a recording studio; with songs like his, he has further to go than an 8pm support spot.

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