Massive success for Kickboxing’s Fight Night Event

One of the most exciting and adrenaline pumping events on the calendar at the University of Bath took place on Friday night 4th March. The Kickboxing fight night 2016 saw over 700 spectators make the journey to Bath Pavilion for the third year running to cheer on the blue and gold against several other universities from across the country.

The UoB Kickboxing club has over 350 members every year, most of them completely new to kickboxing. Fight night is an annual charity event where the club’s best fighters take on challengers from Bath Spa, Swansea and Bristol. All proceeds from this year’s event went to the charities Action Against Hunger raising money to save the lives of malnourished children and provide families with safe water and good nutrition in over 40 countries worldwide.

The event included 8 competitive fights and 3 Bath exhibition matches. All match-ups were fairly evenly distributed between gender, weight and experience. In fact, many of the most experienced fights at the event had never even been involved with kickboxing prior to university.


All judges and referees were international fighters and current title holders, so no one could really complain about the ref’s calls.  

Bath performed incredibly, winning 7 of the 8 matches and fending off the rest of the competition, easily emerging as champions of the night.

Halftime entertainment came in the form of Cheer and Break dazzling the audience and matial arts demos from 13 year old nippers Tom and Charlie.

A very special part of the night was the fight between two members of the England national team. England full contact champion Phil Whitlock lined up against British Muay Thai champion Jason Bint for a match that showcased the skill and athleticism needed to be an international kickboxing champion.

Following the success of Kickboxing’s fight night, their next is sure to be another success. In May, kickboxing pioneer and former undefeated world champion, Bill “Superfoot” Wallace will take a training session with Bath kickboxing giving out his tips and advice for being a world champion.

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