bannerThe SU Officer Elections have been announced and students have chosen who will represent them and run the SU for the next year.

The role of president has gone to incumbent Education Officer Lucy Woodcock. Lucy wants to tackle a wide range of issues, from space to student leaders. Lucy played to her strengths, with her manifesto focusing strongly on the educational side of the role. Lucy’s win came after strong competition from the other candidates, with James Wilder running a very visible and active campaign, Roman having brought the needs of international students to the forefront and Mitchell raising valuable points about the SU’s representation of its member base.

Education has gone to Ben Davies. Ben wants to reduce stress during campaigning by bringing puppies up to campus. His manifesto also had a lot of focus on better placement support achieved by improved communication and monetary commitment.

Adam Kearns won the position of Postgraduate. Adams manifesto contained both education and welfare related issues. Adam will look at postgraduate space, sports and recorded lectures, as well as carry out a comprehensive research project in finding out PG issues. With this being a new position it will be interesting to see how Adam develops the role over the following year.

Community has gone to Matt Humberstone. Matt is the current Community Officer, and his manifesto reflected the knowledge of the role. He plans to create a letting agents rating scheme, as well as supporting students with drug problems.

The role of Activities officer has gone to Kathrine Moynihan. Activities was the most contested election this year, with five candidates excluding Re-Open-Nominations. Kathrine wants to get the Societies Executive more involved with training of societies and make the Socs Ball a ‘hallmark’ event.

Will Galloway has won the position of Sports officer. Will wants to organise an alumni sports event, challenge Surridge over there poor kit management and introduce flexible facility time.  Will also wants to ensure score tickets are evenly distributed and hold open sessions for sports nutrition education.

31.9% of students voted this year, which is an increase of ~3% on last year’s figure of 29%. Despite four international students running with two of those running for the Postgraduate Officer role, all elected officers are home students.  The voter turnout of oversees students was just over 12% only a third of the turnout from the UK.

The officer team begins their role in June, and bathimpact wishes them the best in their roles and will monitor their progress closely to report back to students.

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