University Abolishes Most Library Fines

The university has announced that it is abolishing most of its library fines.

The announcement, posted on social media by the SU Education Officer Lucy Woodcock and by an article posted by the library, stated this is in celebration of National Library Day 2016.

The changes are that any 7 or 28 day loan will be under automatic renewal unless the book has been reserved, then the student will receive an email to return it within a week when normal fines apply, currently at 80p per day.

The Library is also implementing a system where all students will get a monthly email informing them what books they current have on loan.

An investigation by bathimpact last year found that over £50,089.5 of fines were issued to students from the library in the academic year 13/14.

Kate Robinson, Head Librarian of the Library, has told bathimpact that “I am delighted that our new Library Management System has allowed us to cut Library fines in this way.  Libraries only charge fines on overdue books so that they are available for others to use.  Our new system means that we can apply fines more accurately, only targeting books which have been requested by another borrower.”

This year the SU has put the library as one of its Top 10 issues to work on, primarily working on tackling the ever increasing issues around the availability of space as well as cutting the costs to students in all facets of university life.

Lucy Woodcock has stated that the change is “great news” and that “The new loans system with books being automatically renewed (as long as they’re not on hold!) will be really useful, as well as the monthly reminder email of everything you have out on loan. With the SU Top Ten this year, we have worked to challenge the costs on campus, so this is definitely a step in the right direction!”

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