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Study Drug Survey

The plague of January exams is upon us. After stuffing you mouths with food over Christmas, your body with drink over new years and your head with nonsense after the obligatory conversations about distant relatives, January exams are extremely stressful and generally unwanted.

It’s around this time when we are all stressed and overworked; many of us look to cram as much revision in as possible. Study Drugs are advertised as a quick and safe way to focus for long periods of time… we’ve talked to some people who swear by them and some who think they’re complete rubbish.

We would obviously like to find out the truth behind the myth, and have created a little survey for you to fill in.

It only takes 5 mins (the perfect revision break time) and is completely anonymous.

We at bathimpact would be eternally grateful if you could take the time to fill it in.

The results and the follow up will be with you after exams, so stay tuned.

Enjoy xx

Written by the bathimpact committee or posted anonymously.

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