bathimpact’s Top Movies of 2015

John Barlow – Editor-in-Chief
Mad Max Fury Road

Mad Max Fury road is the 4th film in the mad max films, set in a post-apocalyptic world, AKA Australia. It is the story of an unlikely group of survivors, trying to escape insane religious cults, survive the harsh landscape of the desert, trying to search for the Promised Land and most importantly trying to stay alive.

Mad Max Fury Road delivers on nearly every front; it’s fast paced with a strong female lead, the visuals are gritty harsh and yet vibrant and the soundtrack features some insane guitar solos. Mad Max is an insanely fun film to watch and one which I feel takes the best film of 2015 by miles.

Jessica Brough – bite Editor
What Happened, Miss Simone?

I decided to watch this documentary on a whim, after I’d seen a friend rave about it on Instagram and found that it was on Netflix. This was honestly some of the best 100 minutes I spent all year.
Watching it, I realised how very little I knew about Nina Simone, supposedly one of my favourite singers of all time. The documentary revealed a ground-breaking and heartbreak-breaking story of Simone’s life; her road to eventual, well-deserved recognition was shortly followed by the struggles that appeared in her surrounding politics and family life (including money problems and domestic abuse, to name but a few). It is an extremely important reminder that creative genius tends to come with a price and that idols are often far from perfect. At the very least, it is a history lesson with an outstanding soundtrack.


Becca Muir – Features Editor
This Changes Everything

Climate change is the crisis of our time, but you wouldn’t know it. There is a major dissonance between political sentiment and action: David Cameron evidenced this when he pledged commitment to tackling climate change at COP21 but only a few days later approved fracking below national parks. The problem is that fracking makes business sense. But what if it didn’t? Naomi Klein is a social activist but only recently considered that climate change is inherently linked to capitalism. In this documentary, she argues that capitalism is incompatible with environmentalism, and that opposing climate change could also create a unifying force against global social inequality, making the world a better place for all the species on our planet, not just humans.


Naomi Chhatwal – Design Editor
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

The newest Mission Impossible is the fifth of its kind, action packed and fast-paced as ever. The plot revolves around lead character Ethan Hunt tracking down a dangerous organization called Syndicate solo, after the IMF is disbanded. Tom Cruise, now 53, is still easy on the eyes (Am I Right Ladies) and amazingly in shape. Cruise actually insisted on performing a lot of the stunts showcased. Surprisingly, his action scenes are all creative in nature and different from the usual action movie man-hits-man type. The movie also whisks you onto several international locations, keeping the plot interesting and unpredictable. However, my favourite part of the movie has to be Simon Pegg’s brilliant witty humour, which in my opinion adds the real entertainment, making it very enjoyable indeed.

V.J. Jayson – Love Editor

As a lover of all things erotic, I was enticed to see this movie by the promise of a sweet-but-sexy love story between Cate Blanchett (goddess) and Rooney Mara (flawless). It didn’t take me long to realise that where this film excels is in its stunning visuals and honest-to-god depiction of blameless love. It’s the kind of film you could watch with the volume muted and still fully enjoy it for its perfectly focused shots of old cars, precious faces and simple detail. “Sweet” is a tempting word to use to describe the film, had it been without several complex layers.
Slow, tense, invigorating and painful, ‘Carol’ takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. I had to pick the broken shards of my heart up off the floor after a heart-wrenching scene where Mara’s lip actually quivers. Not only will ‘Carol’ excite, distress and warm you, but it will also inspire you to seriously up your flirting game.

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