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Single Review: Pretty Vicious – Are You Ready For Me

Do you think you’re cool? Not yet? That’s okay, you have time to get cooler, you’re only in your late teens/early twenties. Everyone knows people get cooler after they graduate, get a job and can afford cool things, like good gin, real leather and rent. At least you’re successful – you did get into Bath after all. Then again, that doesn’t really mean anything until you’re holding that rolled piece of paper with your honours on it.

Okay, so you’re a little bit successful, you might even be a wee bit cool (no one can tell your leather is faux and Sainsbury’s own brand gin is drinkable with the right kind of attitude), but have you seen what the youth of today are up to?

Quite simply, you are lagging behind – you could be cooler and more successful by now. You could be 16 – 18 year-old Welsh boys, Pretty Vicious, who have already been signed to Virgin EMI Records and played Glastonbury this summer, despite only forming in March 2014.

After listening to their most recent single, ‘Are You Ready For Me’, we can only assume The Libertines, Miles Kane and Queens of the Stone Age had an intense (but amorous) orgy and named their love child after their favourite Sex Pistol. Annie Mac thinks they are “one of the most exciting new bands the UK has to offer” and they’re not even old enough to drink in America yet (one can’t even legally drink HERE yet). How about you, have you anything to offer the UK right now?

While you contemplate your overdue success and fame, listen to ‘Are You Ready For Me’ – with unremitting drumming, wailing riffs and angst-ridden lyrics, it is pretty effective at drowning out exam-induced panicked feelings (for three and a half minutes).

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