Snowsports’ success on the slopes

As well as our infamous ISB Trip, at Bath Snowsports we’re also interested in winning some BUCS points every now and again. The 5th and 6th of November saw one of our biggest events of the year, the BUCS Dryslope Championships taking place at the longest dry slope in Europe; Hillend, Edinburgh. If anyone is unsure of what a dry slope looks like, try to imagine a really spikey carpet with diamond shape holes in it. Then put 200m of that carpet at a 60 degree incline and stick to the side of a Scottish mountain and that’s what we had to contend with.

Events took place throughout the Friday and Saturday, starting with the Ski Slalom on a cold, blistery Friday morning. After just winning another local racing competition (third year in a row, unlucky Bristol), we had high hopes for our skiiers. A solid performance was put in by all our competitors and particularly Mike Hutchings, our Training Captain, finishing 16th out of over 200 competitors. Meanwhile, on the other side of the slope, Bath was making a name for itself in the Slopestyle with Tim Dickins and Will Corcoran representing Bath as the only university to have two competitors in the final. The final saw Will taking an impressive 7th and Tim taking our first set of BUCS points for the weekend with a resounding 4th place.

Saturday morning saw the start of the Giant Slalom, where Bath would again see great success. Alice, our Competitions Captain and GB Team member (massive deal!) sped her way to 3rd place to take Bath’s first medal of the weekend. Moving into the evening, Tim sent some bold tricks to land himself a place in the much-anticipated Big Air Final, eventually taking 8th place overall.

Finally, the mixed first team had the chance to end Bath’s unlucky streak in the dual slalom event. Those dreams were soon dashed however when Alice accidentally stumbled out of the start gate. We made a strong attempt to fight our way back into the relay but unfortunately the slow start decided our fate. Drama still ensued however when Tom Henderson, hurtled through the finishing line displaying a dramatic fall that resulted in a broken wrist.

So that brought an end to another successful year at the Dryslope Championships but Snowsports’ week of success didn’t end there. On the 14th of November, Snowsports headed to Pembrey for another round of The Kings Western League. Despite the long journey to the outskirts of Wales, and the horrendous weather, Bath Snowsports retained their title by taking first place for the Mixed Ski Team Duals. The Second Mixed Team came a solid 9th whilst the Ladies Team also defeated all to take first prize. We look to continue our success at Kings Round 3 on 28th November.

If you’re fed up for waiting for the season to begin and you’re interested in trying dryslope, we have training sessions to Gloucester Dryslope every Wednesday. It costs just £10 for transport, hire and slope time and we have a freestyle and a racing set up for you to develop your technique. All those who would like to come along must be able to use a drag lift and link snowplough turns. Sound good? Of course it does – contact committebathsnowsports@gmail.com if you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you!

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