Gig review: Palma Violets at The Fleece, Bristol

The four-piece indie rock band, Palma Violets, took to the stage of the perfectly suited underground club, ‘The Fleece’ in Bristol. The venue felt like the sort of place where legendary bandshave their first gig and the atmosphere was accordingly electrifying and full of anticipation. 

The band has been praised as leaders in the rediscovery of indie rock music in the British charts. With just two hit singles, the band has made a big impact in the scene, challenging some veterans of the genre, including the Libertines’ Pete Doherty and Carl Barat with a newer and fresher sound. 

In Bristol, the band proved that they have rightfully claimed a prominent status in the world of indie rock. Their sound inspires a brotherly atmosphere of comradeship, not least due to the synergy of bassist, Chilli Jesson and lead singer, Sam fryer. Although the prominent guitar riffs came across a tad too heavy in the relatively small room, the sound offered everything from the familiar howling sounds of the lead singer to guitar virtuosity. 

The energy that the band members brought on stage engaged the audience, which was mainly a happy mass of hopping people throughout the whole night. The band’s biggest song ‘Best of Friends’, which has become a beloved anthem for… best friends, despite originally being about a ‘serial friend zoner’, marked the peak of the set-list. It was certainly an extraordinary experience to hear the song live approximately five metres from the performers, rather than playing from the speakers in my living room. 

The gig might have ended there and left behind an ecstatic audience, but the band managed to keep the momentum and finish off with some lesser known, but enjoyably fresh and fast-paced songs, which kept the audience moving until the end.


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