Gig review: Shura at The Marble Factory, Bristol

London singer/songwriter, Shura kick-started her UK tour at The Marble Factory in Bristol to a small, but devoted crowd. Giving out free vinyl copies of fan favourite single, ‘Just Once’, to the first 90 punters meant most people watching were also clinging to large flat squares while bopping along during the show. A vinyl isn’t an ideal accessory for dancing, but is definitely a souvenir that was appreciated by the audience of Bristolian indie twenty-somethings with a penchant for denim, beanies and septum piercings.

It was clear from the start of the show that Shura is still relatively new to the game – her crowd interaction was humble, honest and at times, bordering on the nervous side. Fortunately for her, the crowd was responsive and considerate – one audience member even threw his cigarette filters on stage after the singer admitted she’d forgotten to bring her own and was currently cig-less (which may have explained the nerves).

Having only a few singles out at the moment, with a debut album on its way (soon, she promises), the set was much shorter than most live shows by other bands. Instrumentals filled the space at times, but the overall set was over before you could feel the familiar aching, but satisfying feeling that comes from watching a live gig.

Shura flittered between her MASCHINE studio control pad, keyboard and electric guitar throughout the show, standing in front of a band member on an electric drum kit and flanked by two more also multitasking between keyboards and guitars. It was hard to imagine any other set-up from an artist who makes disco-infused electro love songs.

Highlights of the set included the free single of the night, ‘Just Once’ and YouTube killer single, ‘Touch’, with ‘White Light’ ending the gig on the high note we were all hoping for. Yes the set was short, but for a fan, at least that meant every favourite song was played.

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