Gig Review: Beans on Toast at The Fleece, Bristol

The Fleece in Bristol is an iconic venue, often likened to Bath’s very own ‘Moles’, hosting an array of music but with a real focus on live bands from dub to brit pop. On November 26th, Beans on Toast made his way down to Bristol, with support from his new friends and collaborators, Truckstop Honeymoon.

The support from Truckstop Honeymoon was absolutely wonderful, a whimsically charming married duo originally from the musical mecca that is New Orleans and now residing in Kansas. Their natural country twang combined with their upbeat performance exceeded all expectations and was a thoroughly enjoyable performance with heartfelt narratives evoking a range of emotive responses from the crowd.

As wonderful as their performance was it did not overshadow Beans on Toast by any means. Anyone who is familiar with Beans on Toast knows exactly what to expect from him and he more than delivered. After coming on stage, a few words were spoken in relation to recent tragedies occurring around the globe in Paris and the Middle East. Highlighting the need more than ever not to succumb to fear mongering and to place trust in hope and love, he then began his set with the incredibly poignant ‘Whole Lot of Loving’ – a song about taking the time to be happy to and to cast aside the negatives so commonly experienced by many in contemporary society.

Unfortunately, he didn’t play his exclusive number about killing David Cameron, which I was lucky enough to witness at Symmetry festival, but he did play his classics such as ‘MDMAmazing’ and my personal favourite of his, ‘War on War’. His set was a performance of classics and new material, with Truckstop Honeymoon coming on stage to perform a number of songs on their new collab album, which is to be released in the coming months. The combination of their styles intertwined excellently and their album will definitely be on my wish list in the future.

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