BUCS Roundup Week 9

As the first half of the season draws to a close, Bath remain in a strong position, firmly in the top ten of the BUCS league in 6th position. However, they will have some key matches in which they can pick up some crucial BUCS points next season if they wish to improve on last season’s 4th place finish.

Badminton continued their dominating form over the last few weeks. Both the Men’s and the Women’s 1st team have now won 6 games out of 6 and sit firmly at the top of their respective divisions. The Women’s 2nds have now won two consecutive games 8 – 0 against Exeter and Aberystwyth and look to be strong favourites for the Western 1A division. The Men’s 2nds are also yet to suffer a loss in their division winning 6 games out of 6 with a comfortable 8 point lead over their nearest opponents.

This term has also seen the action from Ultimate’s first ever BUCS match. The Men’s 1st team fielded a strong team against Exeter 1st and came away with a 15 – 8 win on home soil. Next up for Ultimate is Bristol and chair of Ultimate, Tasha Collins feels confident about Ultimate’s prospects of success this season. According to Tasha, “the club hope to continue the rest of the year in the same way we’ve started it”. The men’s team are aiming to be unbeaten for the whole of this semester, and with one more BUCS game (on 2/12) to go it’s looking promising, especially after winning their previous two and becoming indoor regional champions recently. The mixed and women’s teams are also hoping for equal success in their upcoming tournaments.

Hockey also had crucial matches against Exeter. The Men’s 1st and 2nd teams were treated to torrential downpours during their matches which made playing conditions difficult due to the greasy and slippery surface. The 2nds were able to come away with a solid 2 – 1 victory, putting them top of the Western 1A division. Sadly, the 1sts lost narrowly meaning they slip below Exeter in the Premier A South division.

Football’s recent run of disappointing form may be turning as the last few weeks have seen some impressive performance across all teams. The Men’s 3rd team have now climbed to the top of the Western 2A table after solid wins against Bristol, Bournemouth and Southampton. The Men’s 2nd and 3rd teams faced off in an extremely competitive home derby which saw the 2nds prove themselves with a 2-0 win.

A successful first half of the season for Bath BUCS then, but all teams will be looking to improve going into the second half. Key BUCS points are up for grabs across a variety of sports and it’s an opportunity our Bathletes can’t afford to waste if they want to clinch the BUCS title.

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