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In this issue of bathimpact we have highlighted some of the less desirable aspects of the University’s operation. In many respects the University operates first as a business then as an educator.

From a student’s viewpoint (of which we all are) it often feels unfair that student numbers are decided before proper facilities have been arranged, that lectures are oversubscribed, or library spaces are impossible to find over exam times. These problems directly affect the value we receive from our tuition fees and all students are well within their rights to call the University up on such issues and should.

This issue contains an open letter written by the SU President Jordan Kenny, and a response from the University. As well as this, there are a number of articles highlighting areas that have been identified by students as items which the University can improve upon. It is worth noting at this stage that many of the problems presented are not Bath specific but are indeed problems which plague higher education as a whole. Bath actually outperforms many other comparable institutions around the UK, yet we at bathimpact do not believe this is adequate to prevent a relevant discourse.

The fees you pay to the University entitle you to a degree of influence in the decisions the University makes. Although the University has no official obligation to listen, not taking into account the views of the student can have extremely damaging effects on them as a whole.

We understand however it can be difficult to call an institution to account from the platform of an individual, this is where we as a student publication and the SU officers can help. With a print run of 2000 free papers distributed on campus and a widely viewed online platform we are the perfect avenue to voice your concerns to the wider student body and the SU.

As a student paper our first responsibility is to the student body. What this means for you is that any complaints you bring to us we will investigate and raise with both the Students’ Union and the University. This does not only apply to the institution as a whole but to individual complaints concerning faculties or employees. Whilst we cannot offer the level of support your personal tutors or SU officers can, we can promise to report fairly and honestly any grievances you may have; as well as champion your issues if you feel your complaints are not being taken seriously.

If you wish to get in contact with bathimpact please do so at impact-editor@bath.ac.uk (and follow us at facebook.com/bathimpact.)  Alternatively if you would rather discuss any issues you have in person swing by our office at 1E 3.12.

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