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Traffic backed up in Coronation Avenue in Oldfield for over an hour on Thursday after a First bus driver and local resident argued who had right of way.

The incident, that left queues forming for half a mile, started after a newly qualified driver and Ewan Langley the local resident met at logger heads after both drove along a section of Coronation Avenue, a road with a series of alternating give way signs.

After meeting each other, both argued about who had right of way, resulting in the bus driver being caught saying multiple obscenities on camera.

The feud was recorded by Mr Langley, who is heard saying, “I was already coming up and he came down. It’s my right of way, innit. That’s what I mean. I’ve only been driving for a couple of months.”

The bus driver, who had several people on the bus at the time, was recorded in saying “ginger ****” and “you’ll lose your f****** life in a second”

Local residents tried to calm the pair, but it wasn’t resolved for another hour when the police were called.

Resident Rebecca Shields said the road was blocked around twice a week by drivers who ignore the give way sign.

She said: “This latest incident just threw up quite a few questions again for local residents about the road layout and whether it works. We’re really fed up that this keeps happening.

“Quite often there is a stand-off with neither party budging. Drivers don’t seem to understand who has the right of way.”

Andrew Sherrington, general manager for bus operators Bath First West of England, said they looking into the incident.

He added: “We are aware of a very serious issue that occurred today on Coronation Avenue.

“We offer our apologies to all those affected by today’s events.

“We cannot and will not accept behaviour which has been reported to us today from any of our staff. I can confirm that we are dealing with this matter swiftly and appropriately.”

A video of the event can be watched here:

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