What to expect when expecting: Freshers’ Week Top 9

Whenever we get around to Freshers’ Week I get all nostalgic about my Freshers’ Week as well as all the weeks since. Throughout the week Media follow everything that happens all day and all night. I’ve been doing all things Media since a month into my time at Uni and so every Freshers’ Week I get to relive all that stuff. I’m going into my 4th year at Bath so I’ve seen more than my fair share. Here’s my favourite 10 things about FW both past and present:

9. Watching hung over people attempt an inflatable assault course
In my first year I was one of the hung over people but since then it’s been one of my favourite FW activities. This year if the weather’s nice I’m going to bring a deck chair. The best bit is watching people mill around the start of the course weighing up the fun against the headache. The fun always wins. Usually three or four times.

8. Freshers’ Fair
If you were at all worried that you forgot to being stationary to University then fear not. At the Freshers’ Fair companies come along and try and get your business. Often with free pens. Or vouchers. Or other free stuff. Come along with a suitcase and fill it up. You should come early otherwise Dominos will run out of free pizza.

Inflatables: a cornerstone of any Freshers’ Week

7. Human Pyramids
Every Freshers’ Week there are human pyramids. Many, many human pyramids. Until a year ago whenever we posted photos of them and people said that we were condoning drunken behaviour we could always claim it was a series of student protests satirising Egypt’s Human Rights record. Not anymore. You guys have no excuse. Nevertheless five rows is what you should be aiming for.

6. That time with the sink
So basically nobody has any idea how it happened but one night someone ended up in the night event with a sink. The guy made it past security with a sink. People weren’t even mad, they were just impressed. Security have learnt their lesson however so fair warning to anyone attempting similar pranks, they will floor you.

5. Freedom
In my Freshers’ Week I got up every morning at about midday and started drinking not too many hours after that. Mostly I think, in hindsight, simply because I could. Not having parents right behind you results in many perks and many mistakes. I’m not going to tell you about them, you’ll definitely find out on your own.

4. When you find out that everyone else in your class also knows nothing
A lot of degrees are in subjects that don’t exist or don’t exist in the same form at school. I’m a Computer Science student and Comp Sci at Uni is nothing like I.T. at school. When I got to my first induction lecture I quickly discovered that 80 percent of the class had also never done any programming, the large basis of the degree. Most of my friends on different courses have similar tales. If you come to Uni and after the first week still think you know a lot then probably don’t share that thought with your friends. That is if you still want them to be your friends.


3. Making up information about yourself
University is an opportunity to reinvent yourself. What they never tell you is that it’s an opportunity to have fun with reinventing yourself. I spent half my Freshers’ Week as Masters student, and every time I introduced myself to strangers my name included a euphemism for penis. This year I’ll be the guy who reads to blind orphan children in the spare time I have away from my PhD finding a cure for cancer.

2. Ring of Fire
You’re going to play more games of Ring of Fire in one week than at any other time in your lives. If you’ve never played before then I suggest Googling it instead of waiting for the first time, unless you want your housemates to use it as an opportunity to get you mercilessly drunk.

1. Toga Night
The last night of Freshers’ Week is always the best. Everyone who has ever watched the film Animal House knows what I’m talking about. There’s no party like a Toga Party. Get your sheet out and just one Youtube video later you’ve got a legitimate toga. It’s more important here than at other Unis. You’re in Bath. We have history with the Romans.

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