Top 4 reasons to cat call this summer!

Walking down the beaches? Comment on those peaches!

1. Women only wear tight clothing to make men interested

We all know that if women didn’t want attention, they wouldn’t wear such revealing clothes! It may be sweat-inducingly hot outside, but if women didn’t want us to comment they would suck it up and wear a loose turtleneck all day. Some women may claim that they wear revealing clothes for their own sense of self confidence or comfort, but they should be ignored; it’s not like women are human beings or anything! And don’t forget to catcall to the more covered up women too; we wouldn’t them to feel left out.

2. Deep down they love the attention

Some girls just can’t take a compliment, but don’t be put off! Now, some women may respond negatively to the attention that you’re giving them. Admittedly, I have been guilty of this. Last week, when someone cat-called at me on the bus, I responded by giving them a dirty look. I know right, just like some crazy frigid feminazi! You see, what I didn’t understand when he then threatened to “smash my head in” after I rejected him was that this wasn’t just a man trying to assert his power over a woman in front of his friends; I was being complimented, so I should have accepted it with a smile whether it made me feel uncomfortable or not. Persistence is key here, it takes women a while to understand that their objection to being publicly reduced to their looks is just plain silly.

3. Who doesn’t find lesbians hot?

Don’t let The Lesbians be forgotten! 2015 is probably the best time it’s been so far to be LGBT+. Thankfully, that means more and more girls are happy to kiss in public for your viewing pleasure! Why so jumpy, dear? It’s not like thousands of hate crimes happen against LGBT+ people every year. Never mind if these two are trying to have an intimate moment, we all know that girls are only affectionate to one another for attention.

4. Can’t let the side down!

It’s your job, as a guy! Clearly, men’s primary focus in life is to chase after girls. Some guys may be tempted to talk to women they find attractive as if they were equals, but then how will they remember who’s boss? Cat-calling is a far easier way to remind girls that you have the right to objectify them with sexual intent whenever you please. On their way to work? When trying to have fun with friends? When in a school uniform? All fine! If women claim that your comments are an uncomfortable reminder of the real risks of rape and domestic abuse, who cares? You’re the man around here.

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