Want to ‘Literally’ die from sun? Come to cyprus!

The Easter holidays meant a wonderful thing for me: I got to go home. I’m sure this is the same for all of us students fed up of work and deadlines, but for me home is Cyprus. The reason why I was so excited to being back on the small, not-super-well-known island is because of the weather. Truthfully I ought to say something more sweet like that I’d see my family, friends and pets but let’s be honest, isn’t that a given? It’s the things that you have at your disposal that you don’t in Bath that are the best.

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Sian Morgan

So here are my top things to do if you only have a week in sunny Cyprus.

First things first: Tan. Or at least lounge about in the sun with a good book. It got up to 25 degrees which is lovely as summer time in Cyprus becomes too hot and you die. Literally.

Secondly, the Limassol promenade and Marina along the seafront has been renovated and improved and it’s absolutely beautiful. There are bikes you can rent and cycle along the path and then go onto the pier and jump into the beautiful blue water. The promenade is known as the ‘Molos’ and has a wonderful huge garden in the centre of it and there are lots of sculptures and artwork all along it. Molos goes all the way from the old harbour to the tourist area and is a great place to go for day to night partying.

The Marina was built only two years ago and is now one of the most popular places to go, it has loads of restaurants varying between some well known ones like Wagamama’s to those serving typical (and bloody delicious) Cypriot cuisine. There are also shops and you can go park your boat in the harbour, jump off and have a coffee and one of the various coffee shops.

The Limassol castle is only a five minute walk from the Marina and promenade and is in a square with loads of cafes, restaurants, shops and even the old Carob mill (which you can also enter and see how it all used to work). It was built circa 1590 during Ottoman rule and still stands today in all its glory; you can go inside and take a tour. I should warn you it’s not a huge castle but one for a more modest King – don’t want you getting your hopes up too much!

Old Town is where these places all are in Limassol and there are markets or ‘agora’ that take place and you can still see the influence of the British in the colonial architecture still present. Old Town is currently, slowly being renovated and has become a place where graffiti artists thrive, often turning the plain buildings into murals. It is a brilliant place to climb into old abandoned buildings and explore. Some of the houses are incredible inside with massive staircases where graffiti artists have decorated all the walls. Very much an Alice in Wonderland experience, but definitely illegal.

And of course, there are the beaches! Curium beach that is home to the ancient amphitheatre ‘Kourion’ as well as ancient mosaic and Limassol beach – there are other beaches in Cyprus like ones in Ayia Napa and Paphos, but even if you’re there for a week you could get a bus or drive there and it’d take around 45 minutes of your time.

Of course there are loads of other things you can do but I haven’t the word space so just explore and do as much as you can, the beauty of Cyprus and indeed Limassol is that it’s so small you can do loats, like go to the Mall and then go ‘Anexartisias street’ which is where the main shopping strip is and end your day on the tourist strip having a cold beer and smoking shisha.

Cyprus is an understated country and often over looked but it is a magical place with wonderfully warm and pleasant weather and the people there are so friendly and open to tourists. Growing up there was one of the best things to ever happen to me and I hope you all one day get a chance to visit this little, sweet island I call home.

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