Well once again exam season is round the corner and if you’re anything like me you’re desperately looking to do anything but revise, and what better way to do that than play video games? The challenge for choosing the perfect video game to procrastinate to is that you need to fool yourself.

You need to fool yourself into believing that you will actually only be taking a thirty minute break, so that when you end up taking a thirty hour break it’s completed unexpected. This immediately, for me at least, rules out most AAA games. Because even I can’t pretend to myself that I’ll only be playing GTA V for tiny bit. Thankfully there are a plethora of games that you could legitimately only play for time it takes you to drink the tea that you made to avoid working. Here are my top 2 picks:

Desktop Dungeons

Page 14Desktop Dungeons is a rogue like puzzler that sees you navigating through a dungeon trying to kill monsters and win phat loot. From the outset the games seems simple, but as you play you’ll realise that this game is beautifully complex. Health, mana and experience are all resources that must be carefully managed rather than being meters you can largely ignore. The real crowning glory of the game though is that nothing is unexpected, if you’re about to die the game will fully warn you, leaving you to carefully calculate how you’re going to get around dying. Running though a dungeon takes about thirty minutes tops, but the game is so ludicrously addictive you may well find yourself still playing dungeon after dungeon until you realise that you’ve actually missed all of your exams and now need to leave Uni.

Rogue Legacy

page 14 2Rogue Legacy is also (in case it wasn’t obvious) a rogue-like game, where you explore a randomly generated dungeon jumping and slashing your way through four bosses before finally defeating the final enemy. The problem is that the game is hard, and you’ll die many, many times before you reach that point. Each time you die though you’ll be reborn as one of the descendants of the previous hero, with each one having their own set of traits, both good and bad, that impact on how the game plays, such as colour0blindness (making the game black and white), ADHD (making your player move faster) or even dwarfism (making the player small enough to slip though gaps). On top of being reborn you keep any gold that you collected in your previous attempt which can be spelt on permanent upgrades or pieces of equipment for all of your characters, making your next attempt just that bit easier until you finally achieve the sweet taste of success.

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