North Tropics light up Inter-Halls

A Saturday at the University of Bath for a footballer would not be complete without an Inter-Halls football match. The beauty of Inter-Halls is that the majority of those who play turn up still drunk from a large Friday night, and yet it remains highly competitive and produces some of the best footballing moments you’ll ever see.

Photo credit: Henry Milton
Photo credit: Henry Milton

The football club Chairman (Jack Stanbury) invested in some lovely new kits for each team to play in this year, making the tournament even more of a big deal! This year the Quads were distributed amongst other Halls, however, next year it is hoped that a new Quads team will be created who can battle for the title themselves.

In an expansion to Inter-Halls football this year, the top 4 teams took part in Play-Offs at the end of the season; similar to those that take place in the Championship but producing a higher quality of football. The two winners of these Play-Offs were Eastwood North Tropics and Marlborough & Solsbury Saints QE who went on to compete in the prestigious Inter-Halls Megabowl Final.

The final itself was a great event, with an attendance of approximately 150 people. After a fantastic game of football, the result was 6-2 to Eastwood North Tropics meaning the league winners won their 2nd title in 3 years. One of the highlights of the final was when centre-back Joseph Priestley took on the whole Marlborough & Solsbury team, before curling the ball exquisitely into the top right corner. The whole football club gives their thorough congratulations to the whole team on a well-deserved victory.

The Inter-Halls tournament has been a huge success this year with the assistance of the team captains, the Referee Coordinator (Matt Allen), the Referees themselves, the Chairman of the Football Club (Jack Stanbury), the amazing facilities staff who have kept the pitches in a great condition all year round, and last but not least all of the boys that took part! Inter-Halls football will return next year with everyone trying to stop Eastwood North Tropics making it back-to-back titles.

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