Electronic Dance Music, A Foreign Affair

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is a genre of music that tends to divide people. Which may seem sort of like stating the obvious, because you could probably argue that about anything. But, being music, and music being incredibly important to pretty much everyone, it tends to divide people more vehemently than some other things. EDM can be looked down upon, elevated to ungodly heights, or just ignored.

EDM is easy to listen to, and it’s everywhere; it sells well in pop music without having to try extremely hard because it has an easy to read formula. But, we’re not going to talk about EDM you canfind at home; I’m giving you some EDM recommendations from other parts of the world, and my favourite ones at that. Notable artists that you should also check out include: Zedd (who you almost definitely know, but please listen to his album ‘Clarity’ closely), Jengi Beats, Haywyre, and Tokimonsta (who has a very ethereal, trip-hop-y sound).

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Adventure – Madeon (France)

Hugo Leclercq, AKA Madeon, is one of those up and coming guys who you’ve almost definitely heard tracks from. He’s a tiny guy, and you almost certainly wouldn’t recognise him if you saw a picture of him even if you’d seen his face so many times (he just…has one of those faces). But he released his debut album ‘Adventure’ (along with all his previously released tracks on the deluxe version) on the 30th March. I’ve been a Madeon fan for a while now, and I was looking forward to his debut album so much. It didn’t disappoint, even if there are some tracks on the album I don’t particularly care for. My personal favourites are ‘OK’, ‘Icarus’, and ‘Pay No Mind’. It’s a solid album, and I have been recommending it to absolutely anyone who will let me talk about it. Beware of the slightly messy production, though.

Fracture – Froxic
Froxic is a Dutch glitch-hop producer in the Plasmapool artist network, and he released his EP Fracture in May of last year. Fracture is a beast of an album, and it doesn’t give you a moment’s rest; his most well-known track ‘You Can Dance’ is one of my favourite songs ever and I listen to it at least once a day. Fracture is Froxic’s only EP to date, and it is a crying shame. But also he’s a delight on twitter.


This one may count as idol pop as well as EDM, but FEMM are a Japanese duo who are incredibly cool and are creating armies of fans to worship at their altar. The duo’s gimmick is that they are androids – one’s a fighter, one’s a cleaning service bot – and their goal is so recruit more androids to fight with in some kind of robot takeover. It’s great, and they 100% do portray this image outside of music videos, at fansignings, performances etc. Their real identities aren’t completely agreed upon by all fans, but it is widely thought that the women behind the duo are singer-songwriter Hiro Todo and actor and martial artist Emily Kaiho. Their album ‘FEMM-ISATION’ was released in October of last year, and it’s brilliant. There are only two songs on the album I don’t care for, and this is mostly because they’re slowed down almost-ballads rather than their usual brand of fast-paced electro-pop. They gained notoriety last year not only for their image, but also for their song ‘Fxxk Boys Get Money’. As for me, their songs ‘Astroboy’ and ‘Dead Wrong’ are my favourites.

Worlds – Porter Robinson

Hailing from North Carolina in the US, Porter Robinson is one of those guys you should be hearing about. This year he was named ‘Artist of the Year’ by MTVu, and his debut album Worlds was released in August of last year. Worlds is strangely beautiful, which is not something I would often say about an EDM album. Fun, yes, and hopefully full of jams, but ‘Worlds’ listens like some kind of post-apocalyptic alien landscape soundtrack, and it’s brilliant. Best tracks include ‘Flicker’, ‘Polygon Dust’, and ‘Fresh Static Snow’. Also make sure to listen to Porter’s 2-hour BBC Essential Mix if you can find it.

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