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Masses turnout for Lidl’s opening in Bath

Lidl - Peter Clark
How another Lidl store looks; but not the Bath one

Years of middle-class shopping came to a dramatic end this morning as crowds of residents gathered outside the new Lidl for its grand opening.

The opening of the budget supermarket, located on Lower Bristol Road, marks the end of years of setbacks for the company, including issues over planning permission and, in February, works by BT.

The store opened its doors at 8am this morning with local residents and politicians gathering to take advantage of the discount fresh fruit and vegetables and non-brand products.

The store celebrated its first customers with a carnival like atmosphere, with Nancy Connolly reporting for the Bath Chronicle, saying “the aisles of fresh fruit and vegetables are the most impressive, with row upon row of very good quality produce, and at very good prices.

The store will no doubt come as a welcome addition to Bath’s students with the store famed for its cheaper variety of products.

“This is something I’ve been looking forward to for a number of months,” Thomas Johnson, a second-year Politics with International Relations student told bathimpact, “you haven’t lived until you’ve tried the Lidl hummus. No exaggeration.”

The store is located in the old Hermen Miller building, a grade-two listed building, which meant Lidl had to ensure the buildings aesthetics were protected. It was announced yesterday that plans for a larger Poundland store and a Pets at Home are being planned in the space left available in the building.

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