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bite Editorial: Not Doing Drugs

I honestly don’t think I need to do any drugs. I came to this conclusion a couple of years ago whilst doing my placement in Leamington Spa. Due to my general apathy and disorganisation I decided to get a house with strangers instead of with my fellow people on placement.

One Saturday Alex, one of my housemates, decided to throw an impromptu ketamine party. Of course, as we were watching TV and I’d already met most of these people before, I decided to stick around. Quite a few people I know have described vividly the wonders of sinking into a K-hole, so I decided not to partake in the cake and instead thought it would be quite nice to just have a chat with all these messed up people and mentally record all the strange things they did and said.

They all did their share and made the appropriate drug taking sounds, and then things went back to normal. Inwardly I was quite looking forward to the ensuing confusion and chaos, however as time went on instead of finding these people more difficult to talk too, I actually felt a lot more comfortable chatting to these apparently messed up members of society. Where before I always felt we were on completely different wavelengths, now I found that descending into the absurd for them, perhaps made them more akin to me in my general state of confusion in life.

It was after this episode that I personally started seeing drugs differently. No one human is the same and no one drug is the same. If you’re a chilled out relaxed person, perhaps you don’t need to smoke weed, leave that to the rage heads and those who can’t find that in their lives. If you find yourself detached from life struggling to focus on the moment, then perhaps in many situations alcohol can help you.

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No one really needs recreational drugs, even in the example above relying on alcohol to make you feel part of the world is inherently destructive, a mental state is not something that can be changed by force, and at the end of the day if you are using a drug for a specific reason, or to compensate for a self-identified deficiently, then doing drugs won’t be something you do, it will become part of your identity.

Of course to lighten the mood I’d like to contradict myself somewhat. Some people defiantly do need drugs. I don’t mean this in a medical sense, I mean it in a “god this person is so well adjusted and sane that the shear fact I’m in their immediate vicinity is going to make me throw up repeatedly over a small child.” You must all know someone like it, they are insufferable (if you don’t it’s probably you). If I could have my own way I would force these people to take enough drugs to destroy any semblance of reality they may have so that they could at least comprehend how difficult the average person finds it drinking a smoothie made from whatever latest fad some nutritionist has dragged from the bowels of a whale and then running for 12 miles because “you know, feeling great is just.. so great right”. Insanity breeds personality, or so someone once said – if not its mine – it’s the best and the worst people who find themselves truly caught up or damaged by drugs, so it’s not worth judging them or persecuting them. I say kill’em KILL’EM ALL!

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