SU Election polls open as campaigns step up

Polls for the University of Bath Students’ Union Officer election have opened as the 17 students vying for the five positions step up their campaigns in the final few days.

The polls will remain open until Thursday 10th March at 10.00pm, before being announced at Happy Hour in the Plug the following day at 6.00pm.

All current students are eligible to vote in the election, whether based on campus or on placement.

As banners drape the walls of the Parade and candidates for the SU President, Community, Activity, Sport and Education roles convince anyone who will listen for their vote, there are few who will deny the particular uncertainty surrounding this year’s elections.

As of this morning, the SU President and Activity Officers have been grilled in their individual hustings, with the other three roles facing the student body in Students’ Union this afternoon.

The candidates have already graced the SU’s Saturday club night, Klass, and are expected to do the same tomorrow at SCORE.

Similar to last year, the University of Bath Students’ Union is competing in their own ‘election varsity’ with Bath Spa University, each attempting to outdo each other in turnout.

Bath Spa’s Student Officer elections have already ended, with a 27% turnout. Last year, Bath Spa beat the University of Bath marginally.

The SU elections have often been subject to disappointing turnout, however – as ever – the Students’ Union continues to push the polls, emphasising that all winners will represent the student body both in Bath and nationally.

Voting can be done on the Bath Student website, and are open till 10pm on Thursday.

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