Students’ Union Officer candidates quizzed on women’s issues

All 17 candidates running for Officer positions within the University of Bath Students’ Union have been quizzed on their stances towards a number of women’s issues.

The questions, sent to all the candidates, bought up issues ranging from VAT on sanitary products to students with parenting problems as part of an effort to bring gender equality topics to the centre of Students’ Union politics.

All candidates acknowledged the importance of the ‘Lad Culture’ survey implemented, with all the relevant Officer candidates claiming they will build on the conversation created this year.

Results from the Students’ Union ‘Lad Culture’ survey suggested that one in three students had been sexually harassed at some point, with only 8% of total harassment cases being reported. However, the accuracy of the results have been widely disputed.

The questions, spearheaded by the University of Bath’s Woman’s Delegate Karina Delcheva, said that “the questions were written for the sake of representative clarity and so that everyone knows who they are voting for.”

Representation of women in the five officer roles has raised eyebrows over the past few years, highlighted through the election of an exclusively male Offcier team this year. In the past six years, there have been 23 men and only seven women elected in total.

If you would like to read the questions put together by Ms. Delcheva and the candidates responses, please click here.

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