SU Officer Election 2015 period begins

Nominations have closed for this year’s Student Union Officer elections with 17 students standing for the five positions, SU President, SU Community Officer, SU Education Officer, SU Activities Officer and SU Sports Editor.

The 2012-13 Students’ Union Officer team

President and activities are the most popular positions this year with 5 candidates standing for each position, whilst just two are standing for both community and education. There are 3 candidates for the Sport Officer position with all three candidates currently on the Sports Exec. There is an even split between the genders with 9 males and 8 females running in the elections.

All candidates’ online profiles went live yesterday (Monday 2 March) and campaigning will begin on Friday. All people standing for election will be seen around campus trying to build up support and gain votes.

POCs will stand on parade and visit lectures to outline the main aims of their manifestos and portray their visions for the year ahead if they are elected.

There will be questions to candidates on Monday 9 March and Tuesday 10 March with the polls opening at 09.00 on the Tuesday. All questions to candidates will take place in the student centre in the Students Union with the Activities Officer debate taking place at 13.15 on Monday, President’s at 18.15 on Monday and the other three positions all taking place at 13.15 on Tuesday. The polls, in which all students can vote for their preferred candidates, will remain open for just under 3 days, closing at 22.00 on Thursday 13 March. Results for all five positions will be announced on Friday 13 March during the Week-end warmup in the SU.

This year saw the ‘Recommend a Friend’ campaign launched, a new initiative introduced to encourage more students to stand in elections. This appears to have been successful with more people nominating themselves this year than last year when only 11 students stood for election. The SU then ran information sessions during the first week of February to help those considering standing for any of the posts including information on how to write a manifesto and how to carry out a successful campaign.

The students who are elected represent student opinion on all matters at the University and will sit on several University committees including the Senate and Council, Senate, Students’ Union (CSSU), both of which are chaired by the university’s Vice Chancellor.

Each of the individual officer roles have their own area of responsibility and have collective and team obligations.
Current SU Community Officer Tommy Parker commented “Being an SU Officer has been such a rewarding experience. I’ve been able to help shape the future of the University by working with people in the local community, our volunteers and some fantastic engaged students and made sure student’s needs are met.”

No doubt, those elected this year will feel the same sense of duty and have had a positive impact of University life when their term finishes.

The newly elected officers will start their roles during the summer with the current officers speding two weeks to hand over the reigns.

They will then spend 12 months in their position helping to shape the future of the university and putting across students views to the various boards that they sit on. With a number of student issues currently hot topics in the public domain, all officers will be attending important meetings throughout the year.

You can read our full SU Election 2015 coverage in bathimpact, available from the Students’ Union building

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