Old Game, New life

Ahhh Ocarina, Nintendo’s Grand Duchess. If hearing the words ‘Legend of Zelda’ doesn’t immediately make you think of Ocarina of Time, you’ve either been hiding in a cave for the past 17 years, or you’re younger than twenty. Either way, go and think about your life choices. The beautiful Ocarina of Time was released again for the 3DS in 2011, and the Grand Duchess was re-rendered, updated, and…sort of upgraded. A little bit.

page 12 Byrion SmithThe good thing about Ocarina of Time 3D, first and foremost, is that it gives the younger generations the chance to play it. It also gives me the chance to play it, as a very depth-perception challenged individual (handhelds are easier). In short, Ocarina of Time 3DS looks beautiful; Kokiri Forest looks gorgeous and lush and green, the Shadow Temple has been made creepier, and the Great Fairy is now finally terrifying in 3D. I love that fairy, I really do. The item system has also been given a wonderful makeover; the various boots now count as items, which makes the blasted Water Temple a little bit less annoying now the Iron Boots come off with just one button.

However, whilst Ocarina of Time 3D looms beautiful and has a lot of the irritating parts of the original taken away, it still has the same shortcomings. It still feels almost-epic, which is understandable and forgivable if you think of Ocarina as being Nintendo working out how to make a 3D Zelda. It still doesn’t have the fleshed out characters of Majora’s Mask, or the cult of love that Wind Waker formed. But it’s still good old Ocarina of Time, and it’s still great fun. I know that I for one have completely fallen for its nostalgic charms. At the end of the day, Ocarina of Time feels like a beloved old friend, and I’m glad she’s back.

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