Miriam Clegg to run against Nick in PM election

Miriam Clegg has surprised the British political community by announcing her intention to run for Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

At a press conference announcing her candidacy, Miriam Clegg said that she had talked to Nick a lot, watched him work and decided that the role would be a rewarding endeavour. For some reason she also pointed out that it would be great experience for any future graduate jobs that she may want.

Cleggy - Lib Dems

To conclude she highlighted that having a woman in such a high leadership role would also be beneficial;

“Whilst the last government did do a good job, it was a very white, male dominated space, and this is problematic. We need women in high ranking positions for greater representation and to encourage more women to run in the future”.
Following the announcement, Nick Clegg released his own statement to the press;

“I know everyone thinks that it’s madness for a couple to run against each other in election and expect for everything to be easy, but we’re pretty comfortable. Sure it’ll be a two week period of late nights and early mornings, campaigning on the streets all day and spending all night in night clubs and fundrasiers, but we can deal with it.

“I know the campaign trail will be difficult and create a lot of tension, but I’m sure that it will all be dealt with maturely.
“In terms of my campaign, I’m incredibly ready to get stuck back in to election politics. I managed to surprise a lot of people last time round with my assent to power against the odds, and I hope I can again”.

Many political commentators have speculated that this distraction between the two candidates could potentially only serve to help the incumbent Prime Minister, David Cameron. The current PM is said to be confident of his re-election and is currently the bookies favourite, although in recent weeks his strong stance on sexism has divided opinion.

Some have commended him for taking a strong stance on the matter, although other elements of the population, the more traditional and sportingly minded, may have turned upon him due to this. This has led many to speculate, that perhaps Clegg, who has had experience of sporting policy in the current government, could steal that important segment of the vote.
Speaking at a gathering of old Bullingdon members, where he was only referred to by his Latin title, Juvenis Knopa, Cameron said “I worked with Cleggy all year and he did a great job, but I’m confident that I’m the one to continue the developments we’ve made recently.

“I’d also just like to add that my absolutely favourite part of the job has been liaising with members of the media, particularly in print. They really hold me to account and I count them as some of my most esteemed colleagues. Hip hip hooray”.
Interestingly the situation mirrors the plot of last week’s Parks and Recreation finale, in which Leslie and Ben, married couple and main characters, were considering running against each other to be Governor of Indiana. The situation was resolved by Ben graciously standing down to allow Leslie to achieve her dream.

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