Jamnesty 2015

On Friday 20th February, the University’s Amnesty society put on a charity gig in aid of ‘Women for Refugee Women’, an organisation that works with women seeking asylum in the UK. Throughout the course of the night, Jamnesty raised a huge £920 for the charity from ticket sales and raffle tickets. This money will go a long way, with £40 giving one woman the chance to attend their support group each week and £100 giving 50 women a hot meal, huge success if you ask us.

“Jamnesty was a fantastic night, great music, cheap drinks and brilliant company. They also raised nearly £1000 this year and it really reflects all the effort the committee put in this.”- John Heath, member of Amnesty society

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The feel-good atmosphere mixed with the adrenaline set the night up well for what was going to be a lot of dancing (shout out to the guy dancing on our table) and merriment. The sheer amount of people who managed to fit into the upstairs of Molloys was staggering and it was great to see so many people turn up for such a good cause.

To start the night, Mark Hegan performed a mix of acoustic cover and originals from his band ‘In an Instant’. This was a lovely, mellow start to the night with some really impressive musical skills. We especially loved all of the original content, keeps it fresh.

Second to play was Laz and the gifted Catfish Playboys, with their bluesy tones and very original versions of popular songs.
Despite some minor technical issues, Acid Test’s set was brilliantly engaging with lots of banter between them and the crowd; loved the kazoo solo.

Last up was The Reprobators who finished the night off well. They did some really interesting takes on modern songs and got the entire crowd dancing along.

“It was just ridiculously fun to play at really, there’s nothing like looking out and seeing a packed room of people smiling and (in some cases) dancing and singing along. It was ridiculously sweaty though, a long shower was needed after our set”- Tasha Jokic, The Reprobators

We would like to take this moment to thank Amnesty for putting on such an incredible night and would highly recommend everyone to go next year.

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