Bath General Election 2015: weekly wrap-up

UKIP Candidate Julian Deverell faces student body

Bath UKIP candidate Julian Deverell

UKIP candidate for Bath Julian Deverell took part in the first of five hustings, organised by the Politics Society, with topics focussing around student issues. Attendees were disappointed with a the candidates vagueness of student issues, and he was heckled when he announced he did not subscribe to climate change. To find out more, read bathimpact’s report of the hustings.

Next week Dominic Tristram will face the student body and you can read bathimpact’s full report of the hustings here.

Bath candidates take on national security debate

Candidates met on Wednesday to debate ‘National Security: what makes the world safer’. The event, organised by Bath’s Stop the War Coalition, saw candidates unify behind the idea of diplomacy before aggression, however views split over the need for nuclear weapons with both the Lib Dems and Greens strongly opposing them. The Green candidate caused a stir with the mentioning of a ‘European Army’, something he backtracked on after the meeting claiming he meant strengthened European capabilities.

You can find the five main parties views on defence here.

Twitter war heats up between Green and Lib Dem candidate

The Green and Liberal Democrat candidates for Bath swapped blows this week in a Twitter battle over fracking and political values. Dominic Tristram (Green) accused Steve Bradley (Lib Dem) of “standing for the wrong party” over fracking – which Mr Bradley says he would vote against, despite the current Lib Dem MP Don Foster voting in favour. “In grown up politics you don’t always 100% agree with your party”, Mr Bradley retorted.

Uni of Bath student Katy Boyce to stand for North East Somerset

North East Somerset Green PPC Katy Boyce

University of Bath student Katy Boyce has announced her candidacy for Parliament on behalf of the Green Party in North East Somerset. The seat, which is currently held by Eurosceptic Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, was created for the last election, but is traditionally seen as a swing-seat between Labour and the Conservatives.

But the fourth year Modern Languages student is not deterred, telling bathimpact, “I’m standing for the Greens because they understand that young people’s involvement in politics is crucial for tackling political apathy. Or because they’re a bunch of lovely people who really want to make a difference!”

You can follow Katy’s campaign progress here.

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