Yammo, Bath’s little Napoli street corner

I live right next to The Bell In. This is excellent because it’s pretty central and The Bell is great. The beer is good, it’s owned by the community and they have some great music nights with proper vinyl DJ’s. This is all seems fairly irrelevant to a review of an Italian restaurant, but there is method to my madness (not all the time, just this time). Living where I do, I have to walk passed Yammo every day to catch the bus. Every day since September I kept meaning to try it out. I would see the quaint décor and various awards in the window and think “I should go there this weekend”, but I never did. Now I think past me is an idiot and that he should have gone every weekend.

a yamWe’ll start with the pizza because pizza is power (… and because that’s what Yammo is famous for). The restaurant was the winner of the Best Margherita in the UK Pizza Chef of the Year Awards 2014, and whilst I can’t speak for the reputability of that institution or the competition, they make a damn fine pizza. The sauce is incredible, it’s tangy and has an almost fruity quality, yet it isn’t over powering. The mozzarella is fresh and delicious, and the crust… the crust deserves its own separate review. It’s light and fluffy and there’s just something wonderful about it. It was definitely the best pizza crust I’ve ever tasted and probably the best Margherita I’ve ever had. The portion was also very generous for £9.95 and it passed the key pizza test of tasting even better for breakfast.  Considering even with ‘Two for Tuesdays’ you’re looking at a saving of £3 tops, there is literally no reason for you to use Dominos when this is the alternative.

Yammo is far more than a pizzeria though. The menu is teeming with Neapolitan street food delicacies, such as Polenta Fries, Mozzarelline con Salsa Arrabiata and Arancini (100% try the Arancini Piselli, it’s a little ball of heaven). My recommendation for your visit would be treating Yammo like tapas rather than going straight for the pizza. Go in a big group and get one pizza between two (it’s big enough to share, trust me) and then go nuts on the sides. Get one of everything and try it all; and because the menu changes every day you can never be sure what surprises there might be. Even if pizza isn’t your thing then don’t worry, they have customisable burgers made with 21 to 28 days aged matured beef and fresh brioche buns. For my fellow vegetarians it’s equally good, rather than your standard bean burger they offer a ‘Polpette Di Melanzane’ (Aubergine with pine nuts and raisins), which definitely has my name on it in the next week or so.

At first glance, dessert seems to be the potential let down. There are only three options and then specials, but again Yammo came good with the Tiramisu. I usually consider it to be the standard plan b, the backup dessert when nothing else really catches your eye, but holy shit this Tiramisu is not that. It’s creamy, it’s soft, it’s spongy and it melts in your mouth. The coffee flavour is distinct and delicious, but not at all overpowering and blends subtly into the whole. I’m sure the Gelato and Torta Caprese are fantastic too, but everyone needs this Tiramisu in and around their face.

Yammo is a wonderful little independent restaurant a few minutes’ walk from the centre of Bath and everyone should give it a go. It’s authentic (the pictures on the wall are of the owners family in Naples) and quaint, but also has a slick, modern feel. It should definitely become your takeout pizza place of choice, but to get the real experience you need to come in and try all the sides too… I also liked the Tiramisu, did I mention that?

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