The University of Bath’s Students’ Union Refresh Week underway

Written by Eleonora Monoscalco

The Students’ Union has organised a Refresh Week to remind students of what the university has to offer. It is taking place this week from Monday 2 February to Sunday 8 February 2015.

Refresh Week is an opportunity to find out more about what’s going on at Bath University and to be reintroduced to all its societies and sports clubs, as well as to different events and activities going on. It is also a good way to make friends, taste some food and get some freebies. Everyday’s programme includes societies’ performances, workshops, free taster sessions and live broadcasting from URB.

You won’t regret taking part in this fun and informative week. It is the perfect way to take up a new activity, or just to kill time between lectures. If you are a fresher or a visiting student, it is particularly useful for you to attend some of these activities or to go on free tours of campus. This way, you will remember where each building is!

The biggest events of Refresh Week include a Vintage Fair on 3 February and a Refresh Fair on 6. The former is a shopping event that allows you to buy cheap and trendy retro clothing and accessories. The latter consists of various stalls full of freebies, informative brochures and mailing lists to let you sign up to something you have never tried before.

The University of Bath's Students' Union has launched Refresh Week 2015.
The University of Bath’s Students’ Union has launched Refresh Week 2015.

Everyday is packed with events, offering something for everyone. For example, if you like clubbing, you can go to the city centre to take advantage of the nightlife. Otherwise there is SCORE in the Plug and the Tub on Wednesday, where you can dance the night away alongside Bath’s finest sporting talent. Finally, the Plug also hosts KLASS on Saturday.

If going out is not your thing, don’t panic! There are a bunch of other things you can do. Among them, there are coffee meetings, lunchtime performances, film showings by the Film Society, and a quiz on Tuesday at the Plug and the Tub. If you want be challenged, why don’t you go along to a sports taster session? Another thing you could do is improve your CV using the career skills on offer at the SU. From a basic course on self defence to an IT class on how to create appealing Powerpoint presentations, you will be spoilt for choice!

Last but not least, for those interested in volunteering, there are different talks on how to get involved with various organisations. One of these, Bath RAG, has even planned a trip to Oxford, where fun and volunteering become one!

Refresh Week is an opportunity to spend time with hundreds of other students and learn about the amazing SU Bath has to offer!  If you want to be constantly updated, you can follow Refresh Week on Twitter: @BathSU #BathRW15 or have a look at its full timetable here: www.BathStudent.com/Refresh .

Photo credits: University of Bath Students’ Union


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