Men’s 2s and 3s battle for Hockey bragging rights

Hockey have been described as a big family and they are more than ready to bring home some amazing results for this BUCS season. With 300 members in the club, the sense of community is strong and within the 11 teams, there is no exception to this bond, both on and off the pitch.

Men’s 2s have showed this since the start of the season, after narrowing losing to Exeter 4s 2-1 in the opening match. Despite the nail biting and tense game, the team spirit and commitment was high and as a united front they have come forward to take a couple of strong wins in the following weeks. The first win was against Bournemouth’s 1s with a score of 5-1 and then to Exeter’s 5s, 6-0. Even more impressive as these wins were consecutive!  With the team morale at a real high and the team work better than ever, the Men’s 2s suggest it’s all the work they do off the pitch that makes the difference.

With such good wins in their last two matches, the only thing that Sam Wilson (Captain) is now concerned about, is the teams league position. With 2 wins and 1 loss, the current placing for the men’s 2s is 3rd in the table. To the dismay of the team, this is two places behind their fellow hockey peers, the Bath 3s who currently sit at the top. As a consequence of this, the Men’s 2s are taking on the Men’s 3s next week which is sure to be a hotly contested match! Make sure you get down to the astro and take a look at the game of the season.

Week 7 brought around the first of this year’s Cup campaign and the Men’s 2s didn’t disappoint, making a faultless start and beating Cardiff’s 6s 14-0. An incredible effort by the boys who made clear their intent for the rest of the cup matches! The Men’s 5s also had a great game, if not exciting and slightly nerve racking against their opponents Cardiff 2s. At full time the score was 1-1 which led to the boys taking on Cardiff 2s head to head in penalty flicks. To the excitement and delight of the crowd, the boys put on an incredible performance and managed to take the win.  The Men’s 5s successes were acknowledged by SU Sport and managed to bring home the title of ‘Team of the Week’. Amazing work boys!

With the club prospering and bringing in such great scores from all Men’s Teams, this season is set to be a very successful one. The team work and dedication that Hockey has shown is of great credit to all the members and also the committee who are driving this club to a great year. Good luck to everyone in their future matches!

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