Moles reopening pushed to 2015

Established in 1978, Moles Club has always been the heart of the indie and dance scene in Bath. In the 35 years that it has been around, it has hosted some of the biggest names in music, from the Killers to Mumford and Sons, from Ed Sheeran to Eurythmics, and from the Cure to Oasis. The list of all the bands and DJs who have played there is on the website (www.moles.co.uk) and is way too long to list here.

But on Saturday 8th March this year, just before 9am, fire crews were called in to tackle a fire that broke out close to the front door of the legendary club. The cause of the fire is still awaiting confirmation from forensics, but it seems that the blaze was allegedly started by the electrical company’s main power supply to the building. While the damage of the flames was mainly limited to the ground floor, smoke and water damage has permeated the entire building.

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The date for the expected reopening this August has been and gone and, according to management, the best guess is between December 2014 and January 2015 (although hopefully once contractors have finished their assessment a more firm date can be realised).

Owner Tom Maddicott told bathimpact, “we were, of course, heartbroken when it happened and it has unfortunately taken longer than we had hoped to get everything fixed. But we will definitely be back and on the plus side the club will be the best it’s ever been with a total refurb, brand new sound and lights and of course the best music anywhere in Bath.

As soon as we have an exact date we will be shouting about it so follow us on Facebook or Twitter and check the website for all the latest news – plus watch out for some very special guests for our reopening.”

So where does this leaves Moles? Apart from seriously depriving the new freshers’ from experiencing one of the most individual clubbing and musical experiences of Bath (and depriving the heartbroken returning students), their famous Tuesday night out, ‘The Big Cheese’, has moved to Komedia as ‘The “Very” Big Cheese’ on the occasional Friday (the next being the 24th October) for those who want to get their cheesy fix sooner.

So apart from drinking on your own and feeling sorry for yourself, what can you do in Bath on a Tuesday? Well the pub quiz at the Plug is always a good start; Weir Lounge’s Cheeky Tuesday which brands itself, apparently unironically, as, ‘Bath’s cheapest, latest, sexiest Tuesday ever!” and, of course, you’ve got the rest of Bath’s vast and varied nightlife.

But Moles wasn’t just about ‘The Big Cheese,’ although for many this was the main attraction. We’ll also be missing seeing tomorrow’s big names on the Thursday Indie night and of course the fantastically talented DJs at the weekends, but all of this will be back and apparently it will even be bigger and better than ever.

But you’ve got plenty to keep busy within Bath until Moles reopens so don’t despair, and you can be sure that bathimpact will report on any news on this as soon as it’s available.

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